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Kenwood TS-830 Line



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TS-830 Line

Production Year 1983

Description and special features

The TS-830S is a mature, high-quality amateur transceiver in hybrid circuit. While the receiver is, solid state transmitter, see the three proven, powerful vacuum tubes used.

Operating on all Amateur bands between 1.8 and 29.7 M Hz, this unit is constructed modularly. The TS-830S includes many built-in features usually found as extras on other transceivers. Included are VOX, 25 kHz calibrator, RIT, RF attenuator and an effective noise blanker. The TS-830S also includes automatic gain control (AGC), automatic level control (ALC). semi-break-in, CW with sidetone, a speech processor, speaker and built-in AC power supply. Designed for operation in SSB or CW, the TS-830S delivers more than 220 watts PEP input.

Special Features

1. Störungsfreier DX-Betrieb

  • Variable bandwidth lF filter circuit (VBT). The built-in VBT (Variable Bandwidth Tuning) circuit allows IF filter pass-bandwidth to be varied as you wish to eliminate unpleasant interference. lt is adjustable independent of the lF Shift.
  • IF shift circuit The IF SHIFT (also called passband tuning is a circuit to shift lF pass-bandwidth without changing receive frequency. lt eliminates interference or adjusts receive frequency characteristic as desired.
  • High reliability 455 kHz notch circuit. Interference is also eliminated by the built-in notch circuit The TS-830S uses 455 kHz notch-frequency. The notch circuit shifts the BFO frequency and the local mixer frequency at the same time, thereby equivalently changing the notch frequency. Thus, accurate notch characteristic is realized even when the notch point s changed, completely eliminating nearby interference signals.
  • NARROW/WIDE BANDWIDTH selection and optional filters for enhanced CW operation: NARROW or WIDE CW operation can be selected when using the following optional filters: YK-88C (500 Hz), YK-88CN (270 Hz>. YG-455C (500 Hz). YG-455CN 1250 Hz)

  • Variable tone control circuit.

2. WARC bands

  • The TS-830S fully covers 160-10 m Amateur bands. including the new WARC bands of 10. 18 and 24.5 MHz. The TS-830S VFO covers more than 50 kHz above and below each 500 kHz band. The optional VFO-230 external digital VFO covers about 100 kHz above and below each band, for MARS and other applications.

3. Built-in, high-performance power supply

  • For mobile operation with V = 12, a transistor voltage converter is offered as an optional DS-2.

4. Advanced circuit design for imporved two-signal characteristics.

  • Cleverly designed front-end circuit components and receive circuit system assure excellent two-signal characteristics. Cross-modulation and blocking are reduced.

5. TX final unit uses 6146B‘s

  • The finals are a pair of 61465 transmitting tubes. RF negative feed back and amplified ALC provide clear, strong signals with reduced cross modulation

6. Variable level noise blanker

  • Conventional fixed level noise blankers are sometimes less than effective in removing pulsating noise over weak signals or rejecting strong interference signals. This variable level noise blanker is equipped to control the optimum threshold level of the gate pulse amplifier.

7. IF speech processor to increase average power during SSB operation

  • This is an RF clipper speech processor, using both the 455 kHz and 8.83 MHz IF's. Unwanted frequency components are removed by the 8 83 MHz crystal filter, providing a compression ratio of approximately 20 dB.

8. Transmit monitor circuit

  • The built-in monitor circuit permits easy adjustment of the RF processor and mic gain.

9. XIT

  • Transmit Incremental Tuning for fine adjustment of transmit frequency independent of receive frequency.

10. A combination of precise. easy-to-read digital frequency indicator and an analog dial.

  • The digital indicator has a Digital Hold memory function.

The controls are arranged an the die-cast front panel for easy Operation.

12. Rich standard equipment are provided

  • VOX circuit (available for Semi-Break-in). Market circuit, sidetone oscillator, selectable AGC (OFF. FAST. SLOW). RF ATTENUATOR, Fixed crystal oscillator circuit, Audio frequency characteristics selector circuit for each mode. CW zero-beat circuit, IF OUT-1 (for BS-8 Pan Display) and OUT-2 (for RX Display) for SM-220 Station Monitor, HEATER switch, Screen Grid switch, and a built-in speaker.

Text is taken from ‘KENWOOD Bedienungsanleitung für den SSB/CW-Tranceiver TS-830S’, Trio-Kenwood Communications GmbH, 6374 Steinbach, Germany 1.Auflage, April 1981


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