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Short Information

  • Born 1946 in Wilhelmshaven / Germany
  • Married, 3 children
  • Study electrical engineering and communication technology
  • 27 years profession as system planning engineer and software development for test systems in military and civil radio- and navigation communication production
  • Qualification for SAP R/3-LO-Logistic user support
  • 2 years profession as SAP-System consultant and developer (ABAP/4)
  • Currently profession in development and quality assurance SW/HW for safety-related automation systems.
  • from 04/2009 in deserved retirement
  • Hobby’s: Radio Amateur, Tennis, Computer based technology
  • Amateur radio license since 1981

My little town Heddesheim

Größere Kartenansicht

  • Been located in the triangle of Mannheim, Ladenburg and Viernheim..
  • Approx. 12000 inhabitants.
  • A very relaxing country part.
  • Hinterland of the surrounding industry.
  • lies traffic-favourably directly with the connection points of the autobahn A 5 (Frankfurt-Basel) and the A 6 (Viernheimer cross).
  • The proximity to the Odenwald, Schwarzwald and Pfälzer Wald makes this idyllic place to the ideal place of residence.
  • Here the life and living makes still fun.

Guiding principles of the ham radio operator

The right conduct of the ham radio operator grasped Paul M. Segal (USA) very apposite in some guiding principles together. On our relationships they expanded they should be put the German Amateurfunk aside.

1. The amateur is well-mannered...
He does not use his shipments alone for the own pleasure and spoils immediately disposed friends never the delight at the radio operation. He is to be estimated itself of his duties facing the public conscious and white the trust, which him state and DARC offer.

2. The work of the ham radio operator is legal...
He owes the Ham radio - law the efforts the DARC e. V. and thanks him through faithful affection. This law and his implementation ordinance are standard for his work as ham radio operator.

3. The ham radio operator is progressive...
He holds his station on the state of the art and utilizes the last scientific knowledge accessible it, which serve the better Exploitation of the amateur frequency bands and the radio communication. His station is arranged good and safe. Regular and clean practical work are obvious.

4. The amateur is friendly and helpful...
He works with a beginner slowly and patiently and gives if necessary friendly references for the improvement of its station. Also possible help opposite the television - and broadcast neighbour belongs to the ham spirit. In internal club matter is mutual help obvious.

5. The amateur is tolerant...
He knows, that his hobby allows many different kinds of the practical activity and recognizes, that scientific tasks, technical problems or the new product development of instruments be can just as important as it near country and DX - traffic. If he meets a friend, who collects diplomas QSL - cards then he respects his tendency. Each field of the amateur radio has their right and belongs to the hobby.

6. The amateur is equalized...
His radio is his hobby. He will allow itself never, thereby duties facing the family, in the profession, in the school or to neglect in the generality.

7. The amateur is modest...
With his technology he can help others and inserts them for it, for instance at natural disasters or at the salvation of human lives. He knows however also, that the technology makes possible the amateur radio this help. He can not be put out for that reason large in the public. The doctor does not do it also. Such activity is obvious peoples liability

8. The amateur helps the science...
He delivers exact observations and registrations and helps here especially gladly, for the large reception - and radio net of the amateurs is alone able often, to solve global problems. The won results use not only him but also the general technical development.

9. The amateur is free...
Also for him the motto counts "My field is my world". He is thus freely in his mind, freely from harassment, freely in the thinking, fair and open.

10. The amateur furthers the international friendship...
He knows at his work neither differences of the race, the religion, nor the ethnic origin. There are no preventing boundaries of countries or continents. His amateur working is through his friendly conduct in the truest sense of the word 'peoples connecting ', still he loves his country. He knows itself for it to insert. A lasting peace is guaranteed the most important basis for his work in freedom and self-determination, which alone a people connecting and intercontinental friendly work.

Honour president of the DARC e.V.

Werner W. Diefenbach DL3VD
‘Amateurfunk-Handbuch für KW und UKW’
8., neu bearbeitete Auflage
Franzis-Verlag München

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